Volume & Issue: Volume 7, Issue 1, January 2019, Pages 1-79 

Original Research Paper

-Implementation of lattice Boltzmann method to study mixing reduction in isothermal electroosmotic pump with hydrophobic walls

Pages 28-36

Ahmad REza Rahmati; Hossien Khorasanizadeh; Mohammad Reza Arabyarmohammadi

Numerical analysis of thermal-hydraulic properties of turbulent aerosol-carbon black nanofluid flow in corrugated solar collectors with double application

Pages 37-52

GhanbarAli sheikhzadeh; farhad Monfaredi; Alireza Aghaei; Soroush Sadripour; ehsan doakhan; Mohammad Adibi

Dimensional Similarity in the Study of Microbubble Production Inside Venturi Tube

Pages 53-61

Mahin Ghannadi; Seyed Fazlolah Saghravani; Hamid Niazmand