Dimensional Similarity in the Study of Microbubble Production Inside Venturi Tube

Document Type : Original Research Paper


1 Ph.D student of Hydraulic Structures , shahrood university of technology,


3 Department of Mechanical Engineering Faculty of Engineering


The present study considers of the water and air flow and Micro-Bubble production inside the venturi tube, by the use of dimensional analysis. Numerical analysis of Micro-Bubble creation in venturi tube requires fast computers and large amounts of storage space. Up to now, there has been no numerical analysis concerning Micro-Bubble creation and all other existing studies are experimental. To save time and storage space, dimensional analysis has been used.
in this research OpenFOAM software has been used for numerical analysis, and for statestical analysis used of SPSS software. This study shows, if the aim is to study the pressure and velocity in the venturi tube, the results of the scaled model can be quite reliable. But if the goal is to study the results of alpha and formation of micro-bubbles, analys results achived from scaled models can not be used. Therefore, since the purpose of this study is to study micro-bubble formation in a Venturi tube and the results of alpha should also be considered, scalable models can not be used.Then, in future studies, we need to simulate actual models in openFOAM software and study the formation of micro-bubbles, which will require more time and cost.