The Magnetic Field Application on Heat Transfer of Nanofluid Flow in A Flatten Tube: CFD Simulation

Document Type : Original Research Paper


Department of Mechanical Engineering, Arak University of Technology, 38181-41167, Arak, Iran


In this study, the efficacy of magnetic field on the two-phase nanofluid flow in the flattened tube was numerically examined. Initially, the finite volume method was used to solve the flow field and temperature. Secondly, the two-phase flow model was utilized to simulate the nanofluid flow. The consequences are associated with previously published data and good agreement observed. Thirdly, the uniform magnetic field is presumed to be constant, non-uniform, and oscillating. The results indicate that heat transfer and pressure drop enhance with growing flatness and the nanofluid volume fraction. In the case of the constant magnetic field is exerted in the three directions, the Nusselt number increases by about 2.5 %. The 90 ° phase delay in the oscillating magnetic field improves the heat transfer coefficient by 2%. The non - uniform magnetic field of 0.5 Tesla rather than without magnetic field in volume fraction of 0.01- 0.05 the heat transfer coefficient increases in about 1.6 – 2 times rather than the first mode. In addition, the velocity and temperature profile approached the uniform manner.