Arterial Blood Flow Blockage Time Due to an Interaction between a Foreign Second Phase and an Externally Originated Particle

Document Type : Original Research Paper


Department of Mechanical Engineering, University of Kashan, Kashan, Iran.


A huge number of deaths in the world are the direct or indirect consequence of a disease which is called atherosclerosis. The disease could be due to an artery blockage by the interaction of an externally second phase with a particle which is entered to the bloodstream. The effect of some most important physical and geometrical affecting parameters on the blockage time of a microchannel due to the impact of a particle and a second moving second phase is investigated. Shan-Chen Lattice Boltzmann multi-phase model is used in present study. It is investigated that the small change in the Capillary number does not affect the dynamics of the mechanism and the procedure steps significantly. But, smaller Capillary numbers cause breaking up the second phase in to more parts and with these smaller parts, the risk of small capillaries blockage in the arterial section of bloodstream decreases significantly. The blockage time will increase by an increase in the ratio of particle size to the channel width and the initial size of the second phase to channel width ratio has the highest effect on the blockage time.