Nanoscale Studies on Aggregation Phenomena in Nanofluids

Document Type : Review Paper


1 Assistant Prof

2 Instructor

3 Department Mechanical Engineering, Azarbaijan Shahid Madani University, Tabriz, Iran.


Understanding the microscopic dispersion and aggregation of nanoparticles at nanoscale media has become an important challenge during the last decades. Nanoscale modeling techniques are the important tools to tackle many of the complex problems faced by engineers and scientists. Making progress in the investigations at nanoscale whether experimentally or computationally has helped understand the physical phenomena at the molecular scale. In addition, important developments have been made in predicting behavior and transport characteristics of nanofluids. In this review, we will discuss on the progresses made on the demonstration of aggregation phenomena in nanofluids. Our main focus will be on the application of molecular modeling in the illustration of the effect of aggregation on the nano-rheology of nanofluids. By the review in the literature the new fields of studies are recommended for more consideration and investigation.
The most important field to be considered is to study the aggregation as an important factor affecting the boiling performance of nanofluids.