Advanced exergy and exergoeconomic analysis of the integrated structure of simultaneous production of NGL recovery and liquefaction

Document Type : Original Research Paper


1 Faculty of Engineering Modern Technologies, Amol University of Special Modern Technologies, Amol, Iran

2 Mechanical Engineering Faculty, Energy Conversion Group, KNToosi University of Technology, Tehran, Iran


Advanced exergoeconomic analysis is applied on process configurations for co-production of LNG and NGL. This analysis provides information on the origin of the irreversibility as well as the irreversibility value of the process. The exergy destruction, exergy destruction cost, and also investment cost, are divided into two available/unavailable and endogenous/exogenous parts. The results of advanced exergy analysis show that in C1MR2, AC20, AC1, AC4, AC5 equipment, a large part of the irreversibility is due to the exogenous exergy destruction, and in other equipment, it is due to the endogenous exergy destruction. Except for the MSHX1 heat exchanger, the available exergy destruction equipment is more than the unavailable one, which indicates that by improving the efficiency of these equipment, a decrease in losses is possible in the system. In advanced exergoeconomic analysis, it is also shown that the priority should be to improve system performance on MSHX1, CMR1 and C1MR3, because in comparison with other equipment, it has the highest cost of endogenous available exergy destruction.