Lattice Boltzmann method for MHD natural convection of CuO/water nanofluid in a wavy-walled cavity with sinusoidal temperature distribution

Document Type : Original Research Paper


Department of Mechanical Engineering, University of Zabol, Zabol, Iran


In this paper, natural convection heat transfer of CuO-water Nanofluid within a wavy-walled cavity and subjected to a uniform magnetic field is examined by adopting the lattice Boltzmann model. The left wavy wall is heated sinusoidal, while the right flat wall is maintained at the constant temperature of Tc. The top and the bottom horizontal walls are smooth and insulated against heat and mass. The influence of pertinent parameters such as solid volume fraction of nanoparticles (φ), Rayleigh number (Ra), Hartmann number (Ha) and phase deviation of sinusoidal boundary condition (Φ) are investigated on flow and heat transfer fields. Results show that the heat transfer decreases with the increase of the Hartmann number, but it increases by the increment of Rayleigh number and nanoparticle volume fraction. The magnetic field augments the effect produced by the presence of nanoparticles at Ra = 104 and 105 in contrast with Ra = 103. Moreover, the greatest effects of nanoparticles are observed for different values of the phase deviation with an increase in Rayleigh number. This study can, provide useful insight for enhancing the MHD natural convection heat transfer performance within wavy-walled cavity and sinusoidal temperature distribution.


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