Investigation of two phase unsteady nanofluid flow and heat transfer between moving parallel plates in the presence of the magnetic field using GM

Document Type : Original Research Paper


Babol University of Technology, Department of Mechanical Engineering, Babol, I. R. Iran


In this paper, unsteady two phase simulation of nanofluid flow and heat transfer between moving parallel plates, in presence of the magnetic field is studied. The significant effects of thermophoresis and Brownian motion have been contained in the model of nanofluid flow. The three governing equations are solved simultaneously via Galerkin method (GM). Comparison with other works indicates that this method is very applicable to solve these problems. The semi analytical analysis is accomplished for different governing parameters in the equations e.g. the squeeze number, Eckert number and Hartmann number. The results showed that skin friction coefficient value increases with increasing Hartmann number and squeeze number in a constant Reynolds number. Also, it is shown that the Nusselt number is an incrementing function of Hartmann number while Eckert number is a reducing function of squeeze number .This type of results can help the engineers to make better and researchers to investigate faster and easier.


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