Numerical Study of Bubble Separation and Motion Using Lattice Boltzmann Method

Document Type : Original Research Paper


Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, Babol Noshirvani University of Technology, Babol, I. R. Iran


In present paper acombination of three-dimensional isothermal and two-dimensional non-isothermal Lattice Boltzmann Method have been used to simulate the motion of bubble and effect of wetting properties of the surface on bubble separation. By combining these models, three-dimensional model has been used in two-dimension for decreasing the computational cost. Firstly, it has been ensured that the surface tension effect and Laplace law for two-density ratio 50 and 1000 have been properly implemented. Secondly, by simulation of static droplet in different conditions wettability, integrity applied equations has been investigated.Thirdly, effect of governing dimensionless numbers such as Etvos number and Morton number on Reynolds number and terminal shape of bubble have been investigated.Different flow patterns in various dimensionless numbers have been obtained and by changing the dimensionless number, terminal change of bubble’s shape has been seen. Finally, the impact of wettability of surface on departure of bubble from wall under buoyancy force in different dimensionless numbers has been studied.


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